Severi Salminen

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Computers have always been around me. It all started with Commodore 64. At first I only played games, later I also tried simple programming with Basic and Simon's BASIC. With PCs it got a bit more serious: I made my first flames+zooming Mandelbrot demo using assembly language and taking advantage of the so-called VGA Mode X. Currently I'm studying for a master's degree in Computer Science at Aalto University.

I'm also a professional musician — I play the violin. I took a master's degree at Sibelius Academy and have played in multiple orchestras: The Orchestra of the Finnish National Opera, Riku Niemi Orchestra, Lohjan kaupunginorkesteri etc. I also play on many recordings.


  • Master of Science (Technology) — Aalto University (2016–in progress)
    • Major: Computer Science (Web Technologies, Applications and Science)
  • Bachelor of Science (Technology) — Aalto University (2012–2016)
  • Master of Music — Sibelius Academy (2006)


At the present I mostly do full-stack web application developing. Below is a list of languages/technologies/concepts I'm proficient with.

  • Languages: JavaScript, ES6, Python, C++, C, SQL, HTML5, CSS3, SCSS/SASS, Pug/Jade
  • Tech: Node.js, Express, React,, Django, Bootstrap, jQuery, Webpack, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, AJAX, Nginx, VPS, Scrum
  • Areas of interest: 3D graphics, machine learning, UI design


  • Golf: in the summer I play some golf — with my father — with subpar (pun intended) results...
  • Board games: recently I got into playing modern board games like Pandemic, Agricola, Suburbia etc.
  • Economics and investing: might sound boring, but I've always been interested in both macro and micro economics and personal wealth management. Maybe it'll someday pay off!
  • Music: obviously. I listen to all kinds of music: classical, pop, jazz, progressive metal, folk music etc. And sometimes I just want to listen to silence.